Let’s do our best to lose 500k more jobs!! $10.10 minimum wage anyone?

Check out this NBC article… don’t you know they are on our side?

The Congressional Budget Office has declared the raise could cost 500k jobs by 2016. When are these people going to learn that all they are doing is automating the work of unskilled laborers? It’s a lot cheaper to keep a robot running than 5 wage earners at $10.10 an hour.

Who wants to hire a pimply faced youth at $10.10?! Say GOODBYE to summer jobs for teenagers when this passes.

Illegal hidden compartments?! Even when empty?! You’ve got to be kidding.



Folks, it gets worse every day. I don’t enjoy finding these articles, they only serve to remind me of what we are today. Arresting someone for having a hidden compartment in their car is akin to arresting a gun owner for attempted murder. Think about it, that’s not a leap when you’re speaking about the ridiculous nature of these laws.

“What do you have to hide?” you may ask. My answer would be none of your business, however there’s tons of great reasons to have a secure hiding place in your car.

  1. Keeping VALUABLES Safe!
  2. Firearm storage when you’re away from your car in “Gun Free Zones”
  3. Hiding all of the CD’s you listen to that you’re ashamed of.


The First Lady thinks young people are “knuckleheads” who need the ACA!

Hey young people! Check it out, you’re irresponsible, you do stupid things like dance on bar stools and slicing into your finger. That’s why you need Obamacare!!

It’s not like statics don’t show that young people make up the large majority of the cost of healthcare in the United States. Who’s with me?! Go BUY IT!

I’m so happy that the liberty movement is made up of self educated and intelligent people. Many of us are young people, the same young people she’s suggesting need this Orwellian overreach of a program.

You want to make a difference? Teach just one person this week about liberty, ask them questions that have common sense answers and wait for them to come to the conclusion themselves. You’ll be turning one more vote toward liberty and we need all we can get.